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Getting Ready for Christmas Decorating in October

Believe it or not, it is considered late at the end of September to plan for styling your home and tree for Christmas! In the world of serious Christmas decorator lovers, they already have their theme and colors planned.  The bulbs are already purchased, and the design plan is outlined and ready for implementation.  Well, I am here to tell you that there is still time to get the look you want if you get started now while we are in October. Go through your existing Christmas decoration stash and get inspired from what you already have and create something new. Look at last year and a few years back Christmas photos to make sure you don’t repeat the same look. I find that looking back at Christmas photos gives me an objective eye to see what worked and what didn’t.  Look at the items on your tree, mantle, coffee table that worked. What do you recall was a hit that your guest often commented on; those are the items you want to replicate. Pull your color scheme together by combining colors that were previously used at different times. Doing this will freshen the look and save you money. You can create a totally different look by using previously used décor items.

If you didn’t have enough fillers last year for your tree, make sure you go out now to buy up on your theme related Christmas bulbs to give life to your design. Most stores have the Christmas décor items out now; as a matter of fact, they were out early September. If you see something you really like, grab it now because soon the best stuff will be gone. Keep in mind that you will always need more bulbs than you think. More is better. I like to fill in every gap and hole. Make sure you vary in the size of your bulbs to fill in small and large gaps in the tree.

My rule of thumb is when the stores start putting out the holiday decorations then it’s a sign to start buying and planning.

So, stay calm! You still have plenty of time to shop and enjoy planning for your Christmas decor. Get the decorating plan out the way; so that you can focus on completing your shopping list for gifts.  If you are already done with shopping for gifts, then you are way ahead of most of us.