Good Design Makes for Good Living


I remember as a child coming home from school and my mom surprising me and my sister with a bedroom make-over. The walls were painted a royal blue and from the ceiling hung these gigantic shaped pastel embellished shaped eggs. The door to the bedroom had pink and lavender beaded shingles that made a noise as you pushed them aside to enter the room. I must have been ten or twelve years old. I remember being in awe of our space; thinking how magical it looked and felt. Me and my sister were so happy.  That’s what I try to create with my home; I’m a seasonal decorator that loves to create a sense of love, comfort, and sweet memories.

I’m a wife and a mother to a thirteen-year-old teenager who is a competitive swimmer. Just like you, I juggle many roles. Being a mom is a big deal and caring for the home you provide to your family is important too. I want to help you create a beautiful home with fond memories for your family.

My favorite things are flowers, books, and candles; and it’s amazing how it can transform the look and mood of a room. My favorite past-time is scouring home décor websites and shopping online or at antique shops. I believe good design makes for good living.

Tonia Howell